The Kickass Web

for Restaurants

The only website you will ever need

  • No credit card required
  • Demo ready in 24 hours for free

Stunning Menu

Present a stunning Food & Drink menu that is even customizable by the customer.

Managed by You

Manage your own website 100% without an expensive webmaster. In your phone or desktop webbrowser.

Built in Table Booking

Let your customers manage their tablebookings, saving you a ton of time and hassle.

Built in Coupon Codes

Want more customers?

Make them an offer they can't refuse with the built in Promo Codes.

Event Manager

Create and manage your own events, and attract more customers.

VIP membership

Built in membership portal for VIP customers. You can even send emails and SMS to your VIP customers.


Our pricing is based on a low monthly fee

to better align with the cashflow of your restaurant.


$ 75/m


  • Stunning mobile friendly menu
  • Manage your own website
  • Hide menu items temporarily
  • Separate lunch menu


$ 95/m

most popular

  • Stunning mobile friendly menu
  • Manage your own website
  • Hide menu items temporarily
  • Separate lunch menu
  • Scheduled weekly lunch menu
  • Event Management
  • Coupon codes
  • VIP Membership portal


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  • Stunning mobile friendly menu
  • Manage your own website
  • Hide menu items temporarily
  • Separate lunch menu
  • Scheduled weekly lunch menu
  • Event Management
  • Coupon codes
  • VIP Membership portal
  • Multisite support
  • Email marketing
  • SMS Marketing

The Kickass Web has no cost it's an investment!


What do we mean by this?

A normal website is just sitting there, and you have no idea if it really gets you any customers.

The Kickass Web is a customer magnet.

With the VIP memebership portal, customers will automagically signup to get a great offer with a coupon code, and in that process they give you their email and phonenumber.

This way you get a growing list of customers that you can contact whenever you like.

Imagine to be able to actually know who your customers are and invite them to you your resturant at will. You can easily measure the money you make with The Kickass Web and compare it to the cost, and you will see that there is actually no cost but a customer generating investment.

Signup for free Today

Fill in the form and click SUBMIT.

We will then contact you as fast as humanly possible

and get your new website built within 24 hours.


Who is The Kickass Web for?

If you own a restaurant and want a Kickass Web that is 100% Mobile Friendly with a stunning Digital Menu that automagically collects your customers information making you a marketing genious and a moneymaking machine, and you want to manage the website yourself 24/7 hasslefree, then this is for you.

Yeah we know, it's hard to manage a normal website, but the Kickass Webb is so simple to manage than anyone can do it.

Who is The Kickass Web NOT for?

If you are an "artist" and want to design the knitty gritty details on your own, then The Kickass Web is not for you.

Maybe you like to edit the placement of buttons and their form and so on. If that is you, we will Kick Your Ass, and you will have to use the classic Webmaster with a thousand questions and expensive management and constant upgrades 😱

Can I edit the content on The Kickass Web?


You can manage everything on The Kickass Web. However most Restaurants and classic webmasters usually makes the mistake on rambling on about your Restaurant.

The Kickass Web is prebuilt by Marketing Experts to serve the customer, and not a bragging contest about the Resturant itself.

Can my customers order food from the online menu?

That is a great question.

At the moment we have not built that into The Kickass Web, but it is very possible. At this point we serve restaurants that does not need e-commerce, but still wants a Kickass Web.

How do I manage The Kickass Web?

There are to ways to manage The Kickass Web.

The easiest way is directly from your phone or desktop computer.

The other way is actually in a Google Sheet.

Yes you read it right, everything on The Kickass Web is manageable in a Google sheet.

The Gsheet is great for more extensive changes to your menu.

Is The Kickass Web fast?

You bet!

The Kickass Web is lightning fast and comes with image optimization for all devices.

A website is normally classed A, B or C.

The Kickass Web is always A class.

Do you have Cookiewarnings?


We (and everyone else) hate cookies and especially cookie warning popups.

So we built The Kickass Web totally cookie free, hence there is no need for cookie warning popups. Finally βœ…

How do I access the backend management?

The Kickass Web has no backend management.

You simply manage everything directly in your webbrowser on your phone or your desktop.

Simple as never before.

What happends when I try The Kickass Webb for free?

When you click the SUBMIT button, you will be redirected to a very special Thank You page.

You have to see it to belive it, so smash that submit button now!

In the backgound, the information about you and your resturant will magically find its way to our onboarding team that will contact you as fast as humanly possible.

We'll have a short chatt about your needs and then we will get to work creating your new Kickass Web within 24 hours.

When it's ready you will get an email and SMS to schedule a demo with us, so we can show you what you have never seen before.

The Kickass Web

If you like what you see in the demo session you will probably go for the PRO version, and we will send you a link where you can signup and register a card payment. You can choose to pay monthly as you go or get a 17% discount by signing up for a yearly subscription.

Then we finalize the details, and help you get a new domain or redirect your current domain to The Kickass Web.

Do you support SEO?

Absolutely NOT!

If you are paying for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) today, you are wasting your money.

The best thing you need as a Restaurant, is an updated Google My Business account.

Anyone that says otherwise is just asking for your money.

Can I choose images on The Kickass Web?

Sure you can.

You are free to choose any image you like, and you can even upload new images instantly with a click on your phone.

We support GIF images that makes you website more fun to look at.

You can download free GIF images from the GIPHY app or from

Can I see statistics from The Kickass Web

Yes you can.

It is possible to integrate The Kickass Web to Google Analytics.

However, if you do this, we must activate a cookie warning to your customers (boring).

Even if you can view the details of your website traffic in Google Analytics, it does not give you any real advantage to act on.

If you really want to use data from your website, we suggest to contact your VIP members that you have the contact details from.

That gives results!

Is The Kickass Web mobile friendly?

Are you kidding πŸ˜„

The Kickass Web is specifically designed to be 100% mobile friendly.

It has a look and feel of a mobile app πŸ‘Œ

Is The Kickass Web bad for desktops?

Heck no!

The Kickass Web looks awsome on both mobile and desktop. In fact it detects the device of the end user and automagically adjusts the look and feel to always look great.

How is The Kickass Web upgraded?

Excellent question!

We know...

A normal website requries constant upgrades of different kinds.

PHP, Wordpress, Plugins....

This is not the case with The Kickass Web.

There is nothing that needs upgrading and nobody will bill you for upgrades.

Is The Kickaass Web secure?

The Kickass Web is 100% secure.

It comes with a preinstalled SSL certificate allowing https connections over TLS that every mobile phone needs to trust your website without any hassle.

We will keep the SSL certificate updated for free.

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